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Top Five Points: Support Huawei Mobile Services in Android App

Top Five Points: Support Huawei Mobile Services in Android App

We all know that nowadays an Android App depends on at least one Google Mobile...

Burak Atmaca , Content Specialist

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1. AppGallery Connect

As in the Google Play Console, you must first create a Huawei Console account. Here’s an identity verification system that takes a few business days. It is impossible to proceed without waiting for the verification to be complete.

2. API Activations

Just like in Firebase, Huawei offers various APIs such as PushKit, Remote Configuration, Analytics, Location, and Map. When adding Huawei support to your project, it will be important to configure them the same as Google services. For example, you should add the Remote Config parameters appropriately or you should support the backend environment, you made with Firebase Push Notification, for PushKit.

3. HMS Toolkit

HMS Toolkit is an assistant tool that offers convertor, analysis, configuration, and examples that you can use on Android Studio. After installation, you must connect to your account via the Configuration Wizard. You must provide the kits, the project uses, and a certificate. To create a new certificate or use your existing certificate, you can read the article published on the Huawei Medium page.

4. Converting Strategies

Huawei offers us two main conversion policies as Add HMS API(G+H) and To HMS API(G2H).

  • To HMS API(G2H), connects the project to HMS services by arranging it to use only Huawei services.
HMS Convertor Overview

5. Analyzing and Converting

At this stage, there is an area where you can see the GMSs used in the project and their support.


After automatic and manual conversion, you can build your project and distribute it in Huawei AppGallery. Remember, Huawei has a large device ecosystem and you may want to get your share of the market.

  • Manual Changes, although this topic may seem annoying at first, Huawei offers many one-to-one API support. I think you will easily find alternative functions.