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Digital Product Design Services

We offer full-cycle product design services to blend best design practices with the power of technology to meet the needs of your users and your business.

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Digital Product Design Our Services?

Product design is a complex service. We approach it by producing technical design solutions to achieve your business goals.

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Requirements Engineering

Our team conducts an in-depth product analysis to fully understand the business. Then experts uncover the business, functional and non-functional system requirements that enable you to achieve your goals with your product.

Information Architecture

We define all entities, attributes and data characteristics of your system. This is the basis for developing a high-quality product with an efficient data structure.

User Experience Research

We conduct detailed UX research to find the most profitable user flows for the product to achieve its goals. During UX research, we examine the expectations of end users, competitors’ UX solutions and best practices in the market.  

User Experience Design

Our team develops a complete set of UX prototypes that form the basis for product design. Typically, UX development includes developing a product sitemap, designing user flows, wireframing and prototyping.  

User Interface Design

We create all the visual elements that make up the product. UI design services usually include developing a moodboard and UI concept, creating a complete set of UI assets, and creating UI mockups for all screen resolutions.

Brand identity

This is an optional part of product design services. The purpose of brand identity is to turn your product into a strong brand with a strong visual component that creates a positive perception.

How to Design a Product in Atonomik?

Stage 1: Business Requirements Engineering

Knowing how a product should perform helps us meet the needs of users and ensure market success. This phase includes:

✅ Job analysis and identification of requirements
✅ Creating a data dictionary
✅ Developing an entity relationship diagram
✅ Design a data flow diagram
✅ Creating a product dictionary
✅ Documentation of business requirements
✅ Documenting non-functional requirements

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Mobil uygulama geliştirme

Stage 2: UX Design

We strive to uncover the needs of end users to deliver the best possible experience. User experience design includes:

✅ Refinement of design requirements
✅ UX research and analysissite mapping
✅ Designing user flows
✅ PoC and prototypes development
✅ Writing user interface texts

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Stage 3: Usability Testing

We ensure that the product is suitable for end users and useful for business. The usability testing phase consists of

✅ Enabling potential users to test the product
✅ Detect and eliminate problems in the user’s path
✅ Verify and validate UX

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Stage 4: Functional Requirements Engineering

We gather requirements covering all product features and the ways in which users interact with them. This phase includes:

✅ Identification of functional requirements
✅ Documentation of functional requirements in Gherkin scenarios
✅ Verification and approval of functional requirements

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Stage 5: Brand Identity

We identify opportunities to bring your brand to life and create a new product identity to win the market. This phase includes:

✅ Researching and identifying brand requirements
✅ Create an identity soul board
✅ Logo design and approval
✅ Designing moulds and visual elements of the brand
✅ Creating brand illustrations and infographics
✅ Designing social media brand elements
✅ Development of brand guidelines

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Stage 6: UI Design

The user interface maximises the responsiveness and accessibility of your product by focusing on its aesthetics. This phase consists of:

✅ Developing a UI concept and mood board
✅ Design samples and prototypes for all screen resolutions
✅ UI design assets (icons, banners, patterns) and drawings
✅ Developing interaction animations
✅ UI component library development
✅ Design feature creation (style guide, UI kit)

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Why Choose Our Design Services?

High performance


Up to 99.9% Crash-Free


Cyber security


That’s why our customers like and recommend us:

At Atonomik, we facilitate communication between customers and teams by scheduling daily, weekly and monthly calls and meetings and creating a communication plan. This is how we ensure that all stakeholders have a clear vision of your business goals.

To avoid budget overruns, prevent schedule slippages and minimise project risks, we have created a robust Project Management Office whose purpose is to ensure that the product we work on meets the expectations of our customers and end users. Our project managers take responsibility for the scope, schedule, budget and team to deliver your product smoothly.

For optimal output, we use a variety of software development methodologies and techniques, including Scrum, Scrumban and Scaled Agile Framework, depending on project size and type. An agile and proactive approach enables us to deliver your project on time while avoiding emergency work, rework and schedule slippages.

We believe that our customers should have as few worries as possible. Therefore, when circumstances change and you need to increase the size of your team, we add as many people as necessary to finish everything on time. We bring together the best multi-skilled specialists for you!

Our clients are from all over the world, so we know how to establish and facilitate communication and co-operation. All our specialists are fluent in English and continue to improve their language skills every day. Our goal is to make time, culture and location differences imperceptible.

To realise your business goals and create an application that will be in high demand in the market, the Atonomik team conducts business and market research. The insights we gain from this research allow us to create a feature list to fulfil the needs of your end customers.

Which technologies do we specialise in?

We Strengthen Our Operations with Advanced Technologies: Here are the Technologies We Use

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