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Who are we ?

What do we believe?

9 years of experience

Since 2014, we have been offering customized software services according to our customers’ requests. Our aim is to bring success and growth to our business partners. We have made it our mission to turn their dreams into reality with software. We value customer satisfaction and offer user-experience oriented, performance and innovative solutions based on their needs.

For our business partners who want to work with us, we offer professional and high-quality services with a focus on profitability. Their success is our success, and we do everything we can to turn their dreams into reality. If you want to work with us, please get in touch.

Let’s build the future together!

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The code of ATONOMİK

We always find a way. We are not afraid of making mistakes. We take action, find solutions and achieve the results we want. We believe in data. Data loves to talk and always tells the truth. We just need to listen. We never stop learning. We create a difference every day and learn through these processes. We see problems as opportunities to learn. Together is better. We are a good team player. We work together and create a difference together.

Customers are our North Star. When we focus on the user, the rest will come naturally.

Today and every day, we act like champions.


Burak blackwhite

Burak Atmaca

Co-Founder & Project Manager
EmreCanAltaca MobileTeamLead blackwhite

Emre Can Altaca

Lead Mobile Developer
Nilay Sivritepe - Project Manager

Nilay Sivritepe

Project Manager
Şebnem Foto blackwhite

Şebnem İkizoğlu

Project Manager
SinanYumurtaci BusinessDevelopmentSpecialist blackwhite

Sinan Yumurtacı

Business Development
AbdullahYalcin MobileDeveloper blackwhite

Abdullah Yalçın

Mobile Developer
GorkemGoktugGur MobileDeveloper blackwhite

Görkem Göktuğ Gür

Mobile Developer
Hasan Polat Mobile Developer blackwhite

Hasan Polat

Mobile Developer
Mehmet Biçici Mobile Developer e1675348532404 blackwhite

Mehmet Biçici

Mobile Developer
Ali Özbek - Backend Developer

Ali Özbek

Backend Developer
MevlutGur BackendDeveloper blackwhite

Mevlüt Gür

Backend Developer
HamidHassani FrontendDeveloper blackwhite

Hamid Hassani

Frontend Developer
Erkan blackwhite

Erkan Akkoç

QA Tester